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    can ur child serve like this

    oh my fucking god

    some excited people out there

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    U.S.S.R., ca. 1970s

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    Drawings by numbersstation, drawn during his recent visit here!

    An awesome dude and an awesome artist! :’3

    Got to see these pages in person over the weekend and they are CRAZY IMPRESSIVE!

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  7. history1970s:


    pretty-punisher recently finished this series and this tune stuck in her mind as particularly good.

    this is a good example of 電波80S (Denpa Eighties) music! really sparse japanese synthpop from the late 80s era where nobody was happy about anything!

    this is amazing tbqh

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    Cousin’s house in Iran

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    So Urban Outfitters sells a fursuit head now.  I’ve been making their catalogs furry for a while now…  (all 13 pages here)