1. girlmountain:

    MISMA (my french publishers) are making this crazy puppet promo video and i am ridiculously excited by it.

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  2. cynthialimdraws:

    I made this commission a couple of weeks ago.

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  3. fieldghost:

    Old comic for Rruffurr 1.  Larger versions on fieldghost,com

  4. trumpetsharkcomics:

    single pager done for the local zine, Dune. this one was in #13!!

  5. fieldghost:

    Page from my full length graphic novel that is nearing completion.   

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  6. artdecademonthly:


    On Yonder Lea I’d Shelter Thee is an atmospheric and quiet story about connection and disconnection.  In the late 1890’s, the young orphans Alpin and Somerled meet by chance, and together they meander Scotland’s lonely hills and shores.

    This story contains death and is likely suitable for anyone over 13 years old.

    Starting in June 2014 I’ll be updating the comic monthly with between 8-10 pages.  It will be 79 pages long and will conclude the following December.  As the comic reaches its conclusion, I’ll begin updating and informing everyone about my next project, which will begin in January 2015.


    Just a little reminder about my ‘clean’ project. I would love it if we could meet the milestone goals for this project, so please become a patron for as little as a dollar a month, or signal boost if you are so inclined! 

    And another reminder, if you are a member of http://www.artdecademonthly.com/ you will have complete access to this comic and any milestone goals it might reach.  The patreon campaign is for people who aren’t interested in my adult work, and for people who are feeling extra generous of course!

    Thanks! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  8. erikkwakkel:

    Defiant cat riding a horse

    This amusing illustration is from a French copy of Reynard the Fox. It shows the scene where Reynart and Tybert the Cat are racing each other. The latter seems to be winning and is sticking out his tongue to spite the fox. What makes the scene even more hilarious is the pointing hand to the left of this scene, drawing attention to it. It appears out of nowhere, through a hole in the parchment. It seems to hurry the animals along.

    Pic: Paris, BnF, Fr. MS 12584. Check out the entire manuscript, with more images, here.

  9. captaingalaga:

    I can’t be the only one

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