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    PC Master Race is evolving

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    From the flea market in Rosemont, IL this morning. This is a magical collection of items arranged in a perfectly harmonious balance with the universe. The woman that set these things out for sale is an artist. Buy all four objects together and I’m pretty sure that you could use them to build a time machine.

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    5boro is crushing it

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    Well I know reason #1

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    Good news, I’m ready to continue Thunderpaw!

    Check out the update here

    After a lot of thinking and really considering the time I have available, I am going to start updating monthly with three pages. It’s not a lot, and less than what I wanted to start out with but this will ensure the monthly updates.

    However! I’d love to bump the amount of pages up but I need help.  Please consider checking out my Patreon

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    here’s a vapourwave cover i made earlier 

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    Perfectly timed wedding photo

    I didn’t know Vanny got married!

    It was a small wedding, mostly fish were invited

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    gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

    This show is adorable.

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